Losing weight has never been tastier with Nutrisystem- No need to compromise your bank balance!

I am Sarah and I am a statistician. After deciding to finally get a PhD at 48, juggling work with study gave me enough stress to increase my appetite. In no time, I was gaining a lot of extra pounds. That is when Nutrisystem came like a blessing to me. Let me share with you the story of my Nutrisystem journey before I talk about the Nutrisystem coupons.

After twenty years of working as a statistician alongside office colleagues with PhDs, I decided that I also needed to get a PhD. That was the most difficult decision I have ever made. I was in my late 40s trying to manage hours of office work and plenty rigorous study. During my first two years of study, I could feel having to struggle more and more every month to fit into my office outfit. Midway through my degree study, I had to buy an entire new set of work clothes. This hadn’t bothered me until my husband pointed it out.

Working and studying at the same time was already a challenge for me; having to worry about getting back to my before-body was too much to handle. A young intern at my office, looking at my situation, introduced me to Nutrisystem. She got me one of those Nutrisystem deals and told me about their meal plans. I was not very sure about this, but I did not have enough time or energy to exercise, and I knew I had to lose weight. So I decided to give Nutrisystem a try, and trust me, the changes started showing in just about a week!

Nutrisystem keeps money-in and fat-out

Paying for my education was also getting tougher every week. Thank god for the Nutrisystem coupons I came across on this page, the budget friendly meals costing $10 a day were available at $8; this is actually cheaper than my normal fast food meal. Besides that, I didn’t even have to worry about spending too much time preparing my food. Their meals were pre-cooked; all I had to do was microwave it. During that little extra time, I took the stairs instead of the elevator. So, there I was, 50 years old, working eight hours a day, studying after work, saving time and more than $5 a day by following a diet plan; it was all starting to get better!

The best part about Nutrisystem is that you can choose the plan that works best for you. I am a vegetarian, and finding a healthy balanced diet for me was always a problem, but Nutrisystem had a plan for vegetarians as well. I’ve heard from my colleagues that it also offers meal plans for diabetic people. Whatever plan you choose, there are always Nutrisystem promo codes and discount codes available for your meals online or in the newspapers.

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Why the Nutrisystem meal plans are easy stick to in the long run

Every other diet menu has either only veggies and beans, and fruits, or just lots of liquid food. With Nutrisystem, I could eat lasagna, pasta, pizza and everything else! To lose weight, you will never have to starve yourself anymore! Their plans have five meals a day- breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and shake; shakes of different flavors- chocolate, vanilla, coffee. It is entirely okay if you’re having a nougat bar as a snack; all meals have Nutrisystem coupon codes. Their plans include turbo-shakes which help a lot to keep cravings away. There are no food restrictions with Nutrisystem; you can even have cakes and cupcakes, and still lose weight in the process. All you must be able to do is have patience and determination to follow the diet, and time your meals efficiently.

Within a month, I could see the difference in my body. I had lost 13lbs and two inches off my waist in just a month. In just a few months, I had my before-body back. I felt healthier than ever, and my husband just could not stop complimenting my body. It has been over a year since I started, and now, it has become a part of me. If it weren’t for Nutrisystem, I would have been overweight by now. The only exercise I did all this time was using the stairs instead of the elevator, so all the credit for this change goes to Nutrisystem. Today, all my old work clothes fit perfectly. The stress of having to juggle work and study at the same time has decreased a lot now that I feel better about my body at least. Studying after eight hours of work is still pretty hectic but now, my husband won’t stop complimenting, and my self-esteem has skyrocketed!

Nowadays, every time I meet someone who is struggling with some extra pounds on their body, I recommend Nutrisystem to them. I have seen people like me, who were skeptical in the beginning, but ended up losing significant amount of weight at affordable prices. I have been encouraging people to join. I pass them a few Nutrisystem coupons, tell them my story and listen to theirs.

Here are some pros/cons that I’ve experienced during my journey with Nutrisystem.



  • Hard to commit to at first; heavy discipline required
  • Won’t work properly if you don’t eat all 6 meals at proper times every day
  • Coupon-hunting can be a bit time-consuming
How Nutrisystem makes losing weight easy

They deliver right to your doorstep, they won’t stop you from eating desserts, they have discount codes, promo codes, and coupon codes, they have meal plans for everyone; they have everything you need! They guarantee “lose 5 lbs. +1 inch off your waist in your first week or your money back”, and trust me, it will not disappoint you. Losing weight is not that difficult anymore; just get on the internet and contact Nutrisystem. After getting your ideal body, you can ask for a change of meal plan. Their team of staffs provides knowledge about Nutrisystem for starters, counseling for struggling weight loss people, great customer service, and dietary consultations.